At GME, we are excited to announce the launch of the new IO 2024 faucet catalog. This catalog not only represents an advancement in our product offering but also reinforces our position as leaders in the faucet sector, as we have already achieved in the shower screen market.

Expansion of Models and Options

The new IO 2024 faucet catalog reflects our commitment to innovation and variety. We have expanded our range of models, colors, and solutions to meet the needs and tastes of the most demanding customers. Among the most notable new additions are the Universal and Paladio models, which introduce innovative solutions that are hard to find in today’s market. These models not only represent an advancement in design and functionality but also offer unique features that make them stand out from the rest.

New Trends and Finishes

The market is developing new trends, and naturally, we have expanded our color range to adapt to this. In our new IO faucet catalog, we offer seven color options, including brushed copper PVD as our main novelty. Additionally, we have expanded the options in nickel and gold PVD and titanium, which are increasingly popular finishes among our customers. These new colors not only provide more customization options but also represent an advancement in terms of durability and resistance.

Improved Catalog Imagery and Details

This year, we have paid special attention to the visual presentation of our catalog. Each page has been carefully designed to highlight the features of our products. Our cover design is crafted to capture the attention of new customers from the first moment. Additionally, we have improved small details, such as thumb notches, which enhance the user experience by making it easier to find our products in the catalog.


At GME, we are committed to sustainability and efficiency. Therefore, we have integrated cold-start cartridges and flow limiters into our product offerings, responding to market demand for more eco-friendly and efficient solutions. These innovations not only help reduce water and energy consumption but also promote more sustainable practices in daily faucet use.

Committed to Efficient Service

Our main competitive advantage continues to be the exceptional delivery service we offer. Despite the numerous innovations in this catalog, we have increased our warehouse capacity to ensure the immediate delivery of each and every product. This reflects our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and our ability to adapt to the growing demands of the market.

The launch of the IO 2024 catalog by GME is a significant milestone for our company. We have worked to offer a range of products that not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations. With this catalog, we reaffirm our commitment to innovation, quality, and service by offering faucets that combine functionality, design, and sustainability.

We invite all our customers to explore the new catalog and discover the innovations we have prepared by downloading the catalog at the following link: