What kind of glass does a bath screen have?

At GME Bathroom Division, we manufacture all of our bath screens with tempered safety glass with 4 mm and 10 mm in thickness.

What is tempered glass?

Is a type of high-strength glass, which is obtained from the process of heating the glass at high temperatures to then be immediately cooled with are thereafter. In this way, the glass is more resistant to shock and temperature changes.

Is tempered glass unbreakable?

No. Tempered glass may be broken into small fragments, rounded to prevent injuries that may be serious. The law requires that glass for bath screens be treated this way.

There is also what is known as spontaneous breakage. Anticipated in normal glass tolerance standards, it occurs because of nickel sulphide occlusions that produced tension that may cause the glass to break without apparent cause. Statistics indicate that it occurs in 1 in 10,0000 glass structures.

What extra warranty does GME Bathroom Division offer?

All of our products are guaranteed for a period 3 years, more than required by current law.

We are also committed to offering spare parts and solutions for any GME Bathroom Division products to distributors and customers, for the 5 years following their discontinuation.

What type of regulations do GME products fulfil?

Our products are made in compliance with the highest quality standards required by the European Union. They also have products certifications according to UNE-EN 14428:05, which AENOR grants to manufactures of screens and bath accessories who comply with the requirements that ensure safety and durability.

What type of tests are the GME Bathroom Division products subject to?

We conduct periodic tests through Aidima – Technological Institute of Valencia- in order to ensure the optimal quality of our products’ components.

In this type of test the resistance of the materials, aluminium, steel and glass are measured up to their capacity to retain water, along with cleaning ease, durability, corrosion resistance, etc.

What are delivery times?

At GME Bathroom Division we have more than 15,000 m2 of facilities and more than 30,000 bath screens and shower trays, ready to be shipped at the time of order. Delivery time is no more 72 hours. If the request matches a sold out item, our time will notify you, on that same day, of a new delivery period.

In any case, there are products that, by their nature, require special delivery times:

• Vinyl decoration screens: 1 week
• Cut customised and XXL shower trays: 3 to 5 days
• Customised or specially decorated bath screens: 15 days

Can a customised shower tray be requested?

Yes. At GME Bathroom Division we can provide the tray according to the size specified, provided that the chosen model permits such.

It should be noted that for customised requests the delivery time is extended by 5 business days.

What is the maximum size of a shower tray?

The largest sizes that we provide are 200 cm x 100 cm for Stone Classic and Ardessia models, 200 cm x 80 cm for the Style Plus model and 200 cm x 90 cm for Resitec.

At GME Bathroom Division we do not recommend shower trays that are larger than this.

For bath screens, which models can be customised?

At GME Bathroom Division we have all bath screen widths for standard height.

In the case of the Basic, Futura, Rotaru, Temple and Screen models we also have custom manufacturing, whether it be for heights lower than the standard, drawers or angles.

The custom stationary sides are available for all of our series, which includes prompt delivery, for the Titan, Aktyal, Prestige, Akord, Slim and Open models.

For the other models, changes can be made to the stationary sides or special drawers, after consulting our technical office or any of our sales representatives.

Is the support arm placement necessary for the Screen model?

Without being a mandatory requirement, it is very recommended. Otherwise, the only fixtures for the bath screen would be the wall and the floor, resulting in much less insurance against pushing or eventual slips.

At GME Bathroom Division we recommend use of the support together with the 25 cm or 45 cm Moving glass.

What is the best option? A screen with or without an inside framework?

This answer depends of whether you choose the bath screen from the practical or decorative point of view.

Screens with inside frameworks are always more watertight. Screens that do not have framework are also watertight if water is not aimed directly at specific points of the screen.

In any case, we always recommend the use of bath mats with the screen so that they can collect falling water drops and prevent slipping.

What are the differences between an aluminium and steel framework?

Steel is a higher quality material than aluminium. However, under normal circumstances and using appropriate cleaning products, both materials can maintain new appearance.  In any case, the difference between aluminium and steel is apparent, above all, in terms of lustre. While aluminium’s shine is less apparent, treated with a process known as mirror polishing, it is comparable to chrome and is also easier to clean.

Can a bath screen be customized?

Yes, the bath screens from GME Bathroom Division may be customized with vinyl, screen printing, coloured glass -Parsol-, car glass or Mirastar mirrors.

What are the differences between vinyl and screen printing?

Vinyl adheres to glass while the screen printing uses enamel pain on glass.

Vinyl is made with a special polymeric material for perfect adhesion through an air free system that prevents the formation of bubbles between the layers. The film thickness is 70 microns. This type of vinyl is not affected by temperature changes or from water contact. So much so that, when used under normal conditions, with a guarantee of 7 years of use.

Moreover, as it can be removed, vinyl is a good choice for those who want to change their decor over time.

Meanwhile, for print screening, painting is fused into glass before the tempering process. Once adhered, it is resistant to any cleaning products normally used in the bathroom.

The process of screen printing also allows for the Frost finish that is achieved through acid baths that are integrated into the glass. It is a more expensive finish than traditional screen printing but has a more natural aspect and texture. Its installation requires more attention compared to silicone, with difficult cleaning this type of surface.

Is it necessary to apply anti-lime treatments for bath screens?

Our screens do not have anti-lime treatments because they are short-lived and very expensive. We have adequate industrial anti-lime treatments for direct application by the customer.  This should only be applied when necessary, normally every six months.

There is a simple treatment that consists of extending the product through the surface of the screen with a sponge or soft cloth and letting it act for 10 minutes, later rinsing it with water.

How do you clean a bath screen?

The best way to preserve a screen is to keep it dry on a daily basis. As this is not always possible, we recommend cleaning it periodically with mild soap applied with a sponge or soft cloth and drying it off after rinsing with water. Avoid, in any case, the use of abrasive products or hard sponges that can damage both the glass and the metallic components of the bath screen.

In the case of hard water with a lot of lime, before treatment a solution of 50% white vinegar and water can be applied, best with a spray bottle, to the entire screen surface. Clean with a sponge after letting it act for five minutes.

How do you clean a shower tray?

Keeping a resin shower tray clean is simple: clean periodically with mild soap applied with a soft sponge, avoiding abrasive products.

For darker trays where lime or soap scum is much more evident, or for hard water, the best is an anti-lime treatment.

In more extreme cases, such as stains caused by hair dye, a mixture of acetone and water may be applied, being careful not to leave it on the tray to long to avoid damaging the surface.

Another alternative is to use the same treatment using a vinegar and water solution, mentioned in the case of screens.

Can a screen be returned before its installation?

In the case that the client amends his/her decision to purchase, a screen that has not been unpacked may always be returned. The packaging and labels must be original. Returns involve costs in terms of postage, administrative fees, revisions and repacking.

Do the rest of the brand products have the same warranties?

All of the products that we offer at GME Lorente Bathroom Division are designed, manufactured and marketed with the same warranties as our bath screens and shower trays.

Similarly, all of our products are in stock to meet the delivery times established.