We will manufacture any of our slim line trays to fit your needs, ARDESIA PLUS, STYLE PLUS, STONE CLASSIC, RESITEC  ROCK AND RESITEC SWEET.
Cutting is completely free, as reference the standard measurement that is immediately above in the catalogue will be used, the maximum measurement will be 2m in length with 90/100 in width, depending on the model. Other measurements are only upon request and by factory confirmation.
The delivery of these customised trays may exceed 7 days during normal conditions.
At the same time, we provide the possibility of making the tray in any RAL colour for our STONE CLASSIC model, increased by 50 points in Spain and Portugal.


Cut customised trays

GME offers the possibility of customised and cut trays within our range of resin trays with mineral filler. In this way, you can avoid any obstructions that may be in your bathroom (columns, partitions).

To request cut trays, you must first give us a small tray plan with the measurements that you need. To calculate the rate of the cut tray, please find the price of the tray with the measurement immediately above. For example: 165×72, will have a the same rate as the measurement of 170×80.

Los modelos Resitec Rock y Sweet un plazo de entrega de 15 días.
The Resitec Rock and Sweet models will have a delivery period of days.

XXL trays

Apart from the wide range of standard trays with immediate service, we also market trays with special XXL measurements.

The Stone Classic and Ardesia Plus models allow for special widths of 90 and 100 cm, up to a length of 2 metres. Delivery period of 1 week. The Resitec Rock and Sweet models allow for a special width of 90 cm with a length of up to 2 metres. Delivery period of 15 days.

Framed trays

If you want framed resin trays, we can offer you 2 possibilities, stone texture (Fresh) or smooth (Sweet).

For calculation of a Fresh framed tray, add the points from the lineal metres of the Fresh framing to the point from the rock tray.


For calculation of the Sweet (smooth) framed tray, add the points from the linear metres of the smooth framing to the pint from the sweet tray.
Delivery time approx. 1 week for FRESH, 15 days for SWEET.




Desde GME ofrecemos la posibilidad de pedir paneles de bañera de 1 cm de grosor con el mismo acabado y color que nuestros platos de ducha.

Con un plazo de entrega en los modelos Rock y Sweet de 15 días y un plazo de entrega de 1 semana en los modelos Ardesia, Style y Stone.

Tambien podeis pedir zócalos de hasta 15 cm de altura.