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What are the differences between single lever and thermostatic?
When choosing a shower column, it is important to analyze the type of water and the pressure in the house, as these data will be crucial when choosing between a mixer or a thermostatic.

Coastal regions tend to have a higher rate of lime scale in the water, which would cause a thermostatic to be damaged faster in the long term.


Highly efficient faucets to reduce water consumption.

They are the most effective, the most practical, but also the most expensive. By installing this type of device in your home, you can control not only the water temperature, but also the flow rate. This means that water losses and usage time are reduced to a minimum.

Their great advantage lies in their ability to combine efficiency and convenience. In addition to being convenient to use, these faucets can reduce electricity consumption by more than 5% on their own. They are also commonly adapted to shower and bath faucets, offering temperature and flow rate controls that allow the selection of the appropriate jet filters for each need, such as spray or laminate.

In addition, they have another great advantage: their ease of use, since it is never necessary to leave the faucet open while waiting for the water to reach the desired temperature.

At GME, we have a wide range of temperature-controlled faucets in our IO® faucet catalog.


State-of-the-art HI-TECH technology:
Self-cleaning cartridge with Vernet sensor and easy disassembly.
38º safety button which maintains a constant temperature with greater accuracy.
EcoStop dispenser allows savings of up to 40%.
Faucet body with anti-scald system


These faucets are very common and are found in most homes because of their efficiency, convenience, price and wide variety of styles.

The exposed single lever shower faucets present an innovative system that is very similar to the thermostatic faucets, since they share many characteristics. However, they have the advantage of being more durable, as they are more resistant to impurities present in the water.

GME has created a faucet model with a design similar to thermostatic faucets. This faucet has a cold-opening cartridge and a distributor with three positions, which allows the customer to adjust his ideal temperature and control it through the distributor. Thus, it is possible to select between the handle option, the sprayer option or to completely close the faucet.


Latest generation flow diverter with 3 positions
35mm Cold start ceramic cartridge
Flow reducer for energy saving

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The thermostatic faucet, although higher in cost, offers superior features. However, it has the disadvantage of being more prone to long-term damage if the water contains impurities such as limescale, unless regular internal cleaning is performed.

On the other hand, the single-lever faucet is more economically priced and much more resistant to impurities in the water, making it more durable. Its performance and attractive price make it the most popular choice in the faucet market.

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