GME offers the possibility of making some of its screens to measure to solve any particular need of your bathroom. Sometimes the holes for the installation of the screen do not have standard measures so we must make special screens.

Always talking about making the screens with tempered safety glass, which is designed so that in case of a breakage there is no potential danger of causing serious injury to people who are nearby at that time.

The average delivery time will be 15 days. No returns or cancellations will be accepted once production has begun.

If you have any questions and want us to advise you, please write to and we will answer you as soon as possible.

The customized solutions we offer are the following:

TRIO model with fixed drawer

Open combi E model with custom-made fixed side

Basic Frost model with black profiles and special height of 150 cm


It is usual to have to make a recess in the screen for its correct installation. In GME we offer this possibility to make it in the made-to-measure screens. Most of our models admit the cut to square, for it you must indicate us the measures of the right angle that you wish to cut..




From GME we offer the possibility of making the fixed sides to measure to adapt to any size. Often we must overcome obstacles for the correct installation of our screen. Either by a column, a staircase area or as in this case by an attic with a sloping roof we must make our fixed as long as it does not exceed 120 cm wide or 195 cm high.



In GME we are experts in the manufacture of all types of glass and crystals. For this reason, in addition to having a wide variety of screens available, we also have machinery to give a personalized finish to the glass, such as: colored, matte, carglass or smoked parsols..


We can manufacture our BASIC, TEMPLE, FUTURA, ROTARY, VITRO and TWENTY models in their different formats with the measures you want, either in width or height (consult maximum width and height). We will manufacture your made-to-measure shower enclosure following your indications and needs.