For several years, at GME Division Baños we have been developing various corporate social responsibility actions, in order to try to return to society what it contributes to us each year.

First of all, we are aware of the great environmental impact that business activity has worldwide. The emission of polluting gases, poor waste management or excess consumption, among other things, have very negative effects for our society. Therefore, GME’s desire is to evolve towards a more sustainable, ecological and environmentally friendly company. To do this, we carry out various actions to recycle and reuse our waste, such as paper or cardboard. Furthermore, we are working on a plan to convert our energy system to greener energy with the implementation of solar panels, among other actions.

Secondly, for GME the most important thing has been, are and always will be, people. We know the importance of good treatment, direct and close. Since our inception, one of the pillars of our philosophy has been trust and closeness to all the people who have formed and are part of our society. We listen to you, help you, and absorb your constructive criticism to improve year after year. That is why, in difficult times, such as the one we have experienced this year 2020, we do not hesitate to help them. Our employees, our sales representatives, our clients, our suppliers, our tenants, have all enjoyed our help if they needed it, in the same way that we enjoy their collaboration day after day.

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

Every minute three children die from diseases that could have been prevented with available vaccines. Our main action of social responsibility is directed at them.

For several years, we have been making annual donations in collaboration with Gavi, through the Alliance for Child Vaccination and the LaCaixa Foundation. This organization has received in 2020 the Princess of Asturias Award for International Cooperation (see the full story here). We started as “Silver Sponsors” and, since 2020, given the difficult circumstances, we have decided to increase our contributions by becoming “Gold Sponsors”.


Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, was born in 2000 as a public-private partnership with a very clear mission: to save the lives of children and protect the health of the population, increasing the equitable use of vaccines in the most disadvantaged countries. During this time, he has achieved a historic challenge: vaccinating 700 million children, thus avoiding 10 million premature deaths.

The Institute of Global Health, ISGlobal, is a scientific and academic partner of the Alliance. ISGlobal is an innovative alliance between academic, governmental and philanthropic institutions, promoted by ”la Caixa”, and between 2016 and 2018 he has been a member of the Executive Council of Gavi.

Thanks to our support and the rest of the donations received, more than five million children under the age of five have been vaccinated. ”La Caixa” and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation multiply each donation by four, thus increasing efforts against the mortality of the little ones.