In this post we are going to talk about how to select your ideal screen taking into account the different varieties we offer.


There are many factors when choosing our ideal screen, the first one being how we want our screen to work, there are 4 options:
The sliding door
The folding door
The folding door
The fixed glass

At GME we offer two types of material for the aluminium and steel profiles:

Aluminium is the most common material and the one in which we offer the greatest variety of screens.
Steel is used for premium screens as it offers greater design and durability.

In our catalogue we offer in stock a variety of colours in which we can find chrome, black, white and titanium.


The measurements are another fundamental aspect when choosing a screen. At GME we offer a wide range of sizes in stock, but we can also make screens with made-to-measure glass, with drawers and special finishes.


Our customer service:

Shower screens and shower trays: delivery in 48 – 72 hours.
Custom-made screens: 15 days
Aluminium sliding screens:
Basic: the Basic screen is our best-selling screen as we have it in all formats and sizes from 95-200 cm. It is also an economical screen with high quality, which makes it a very attractive screen for the customer due to its value for money.

Kenna: its characteristics make it a very attractive screen for the customer as it is a screen that has no profiles and also runs through a lower guide and an upper arm. Its main feature is that the door of the screen runs on the inside and not on the outside as is usually the case with this type of screen.

Twenty: if there is a shower enclosure that is taking the market by storm, it is the Twenty model. Thanks to its unique characteristics, with its minimalist profile of only 2 cm, soft close on the upper part of the profile to make opening and closing a unique experience.

Vitro: this is the first screen without profiles that we have launched on the market. Its main feature is that its bearings run along a lower guide and the sliding system runs outside the fixed panel. We have it in different formats and in a wide variety of sizes.

Prestige Titan: this is a more traditional screen, as it has an expanding profile. This screen is for customers who do not want minimalist profiles and who prefer a perimeter profile around the screen. The only GME screen that has bottom profiles, which makes it a 100% watertight screen.

Aktual: screen very similar to the Basic but with a very important detail which is the expanding side profiles. The advantage of having expanding profiles is that it adjusts very well to walls with an overhang.


Steel sliding screens:
Vetrum: our top of the range screen has a unique design on the market. The door runs through a slit in the fixed panel and its bottom profile. With a 10 mm fixed panel and an 8 mm thick door.

Temple: screen with very similar characteristics to the Basic but with steel components.

Rotary: this model is ideal for people who like to clean the screen to the millimetre as, thanks to its visible bearings, it is very easy to clean.

Futura: the peculiarity of this screen are encapsulated bearings inside the profile and 4 wheels per bearing, which makes the screen run smoothly and smoothly.

Moving: robust screen, with 8 panes of glass and bearings that run on a steel bar in sight.


Other solutions:
Trio: if you have little space in your bathroom, this is your ideal screen. Screen with two sliding panels + a fixed panel that move simultaneously creating a wide entrance passage.

Tandem: this screen combines two screens in one as it has a front of the Basic screen and one side of the serious Glass folding screen, these two screens in combination create an ideal passage area for corpulent people or people with reduced mobility as you have a large entrance passage.

Giro 360: a screen with a unique design as it consists of a door that pivots on its two central axes, thus resembling the revolving door of a hotel.

Bypass: if you are looking for a screen with two sliding doors, this is your solution, as it consists of two doors that run one behind the other, allowing access to the inside of the tray from both sides, this is largely due to its extra-flat handles.



Fixed glass partitions: 8 mm glass with multiple arm options.
Screen: is a fixed to the wall with an arm to hold it in place.

Screen moving: fixed to wall plus movable panel with vertical profiles and support arm.

Screen hinge 180: fixed to wall plus movable panel with 2 hinges.

Screen XXL: two fixed panels joined by a profile in the middle.

Screen towel: two fixed panels joined by a profile in the middle + single half towel rack from 137-139.5

Folding screens:
Open: hinged door and fixed panels with multiple combinations with a vertical movable profile.

Glass: folding door and fixed panels with multiple combinations joined by hinges.


Folding screens:
Glass folding: this model was created for the smallest spaces on the market, as it is a screen that folds on itself, allowing total access to the inside of the tray. Sizes from 50 cm to 105 cm

Akord: screen for reduced spaces with perimeter profiles and compensation profiles. 100% watertight screen. Ranges from 66 cm to 101 cm


Colour screens:
Basic: black, white/chrome, white and titanium finishes.

Twenty: black finish

Open: black finish

Screen fixed: black and white finish

Fixed Screen Black Chess: black finish with silk-screen printing in squares


Bathtub screens:
Fixed Screen: black and white finishes

Open: movable glass with option of fixed + door

Glass: fixed glass + door with hinges

Aktual: screen created for customers who want a double function: we have it in front and space format.


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