Stainless steel parallel bar option up to 2 meters:

opcion barra paralela vitro



The vertical profiles of the shower enclosure allow the adjustment of the shower enclosure and make it possible to adapt it correctly to the conditions of the work, saving the possible unevenness that may exist in the walls and adjusting to the necessary light gap.

Specifically, the width of the profiles of the Vitro model is 2.3 cm, which will allow us to bridge the gaps that may exist in the walls of our shower tray or bathtub. The Vitro model is in stock in some standard measures already established and with some ranges that allow us to adapt to the hollow (see tables Vitro model in catalog).

These ranges are achieved by adapting the upper guide to the required size and with a greater or lesser overlap of the door over the fixed (1-6 cm). Therefore during the installation it will be necessary to cut the lower guide to adapt it to our opening, for it will be enough with a saw of cut for aluminum.


GME only works with tempered glass partitions. Tempered glass is a type of safety glass, it is processed with thermal or chemical treatments, to increase its resistance compared to normal glass. Tempered glass, when broken, splits into a multitude of small pieces instead of splintering into large jagged shards. These tiny pieces are less likely to cause injury.

This shower enclosure has 6mm thick tempered safety glass.

The shower enclosure is available for immediate delivery with clear glass. Other decoration options are our adhesive vinyls (delivery time 7 days) or the possibility of digital printing (delivery time 20 days).

The Vitro partition can be completely customized, modifying the width, height or making a cut in any of its crystals. The delivery time will be 15 days.


This screen includes the anti-scale treatment as standard, which covers the micropore of the glass preventing the accumulation of lime and facilitating the cleaning of the glass.


The opening system is by means of sliding leaves, which are provided with hidden bearings that slide along the lower guide.


The closing system varies from the fixed and sliding front model to the corner opening and corner with fixed side.

The closing system of the fixed and sliding front is by means of bubble rubber, which is inserted into the sliding leaf and closes by inserting itself into a vertical U-shaped stainless steel profile.

The closing system of the angular formats is by means of magnetic closure.


The shower enclosure is equipped with vertical gutter rubbers to guarantee watertightness in the gap between the sliding panel and the fixed glass.



Vitro is a partition without profiles made of 6 mm glass with anti-limescale treatment. It is available in all sizes and formats: front, free, corner at the vertex, corner with fixed side and front with fixed in line.

Characterized by the absence of upper and lower profiles and its innovative opening system by means of a stainless steel arm that acts as a guide and support for the fixed panel. At the same time, the metallic water drain guides the hidden bearings of the screen, giving a greater prominence to the glass and the sensation of spaciousness.

The Vitro model is characterized by its minimalist profiles with straight lines and the absence of upper profile.

The fixing arm can be perpendicular to the fixed glass or by means of a stainless steel fixing bar parallel to the glass up to 2 meters.

If you wish to purchase this product, please let us know and if you wish to become a distributor, please contact us.

Anti-limescale treatment: EnduroShield is a new permanent protective coating for glass, invisible and non-adherent. With a single application it makes dirt, limescale and soap scum up to 90% easier to clean. Some of our shower enclosures will have this treatment as standard and others will be supplied in a separate bottle. VITRO, the screen without upper profiles, has the treatment applied as standard on its models.

See video of how to apply it.

Concerned about the quality we offer to our customers, GME DIVISION BATHROOMS SL has certificates that guarantee the quality of all its products, which comply with all European standards.

At the same time, GME DIVISION BAÑOS SL is associated to AIDIMA (Technological Institute), in which inspections and laboratory tests are carried out to guarantee the quality and good performance of the products we offer.

Glass sizes: consult excel.